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Mysterious Legal Conundrums

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Yo, listen up, let’s talk ‘bout some legal stuff;constitutional law in the Philippines, it’s no bluff
It defines the framework of the government’s power
And guarantees rights, hour by hour
Next up, Herbalife club rules, what they all about
Follow them closely, don’t be in doubt
They govern the conduct of members in the club
So obey them well, don’t be a flub
Friday the 13th, a day to beware, tattoo rules are in the air
Be sure to know what they entail
Before getting that ink, without fail
Ever wonder how much do property tax consultants charge?
They can help you with taxes so large
But it’s important to know their fee
Before you invest, don’t you agree?
Can a partnership be a partner in another partnership?
It’s a question that might slip
But the answer is yes, as you can see, legal insights are key
What about some Latin legal quotes, wisdom to impart
In your practice, it can be a work of art
Inspire yourself, with words so profound
To excel in the legal battleground
Exchanging contracts on a house, a monumental task<br Legal considerations are all we ask
Review them closely, before you sign
To avoid any legal bind
Seeking legal guardianship in Arizona, it’s a serious decision
Understand the process, with precision
It’s a crucial step, with legal weight
So follow the rules, don’t deviate
Is en passant legal in chess, a question so fair
Learn the rules, if you dare
It’s a move that’s swift and sly
But make sure it’s legal, don’t be wry
Filling out an ATF form 5, let’s get to it
Follow the instructions, don’t just sit
It’s important to do it right
To avoid any legal fight
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